Valley Behavioral Health

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Valley Behavioral Health is the regions largest and most diverse not-for-profit network of clinics providing treatment for addictions, psychiatric conditions, autism and other chronic behavioral and mental health issues. We provide residential facilities and outpatient treatment programs tailored to individuals of all ages and life situations. And in many cases our services go beyond therapy. We help clients deal with their 
full spectrum of life issues from housing to employment to social interaction. When someone is suffering, whether it?s from depression, a traumatic life event or other disorders, it not only affects the health and happiness of the sufferer, it also affects the lives of everyone around them. Valley deals with all these issues in a way that reduces the disruption, emotional toll, and financial costs on families, employers and communities. Our team is trained, knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle every situation with compassion and professionalism. First and foremost we listen, care, and make sure no person?s problems are marginalized or swept under the rug. Whatever you are dealing with, be it a personal issue or something faced by a family member or a friend, please call us. Even if it is a complete stranger in need of help, Valley can be part of the solution. Just call us. Let?s deal with it together!