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Email. Slack. Direct messages. It’s how we talk in the office, when we’re not in the office. Make your communications more effective with a few simple changes.

When you have multiple candidates vying for the same position, how do you choose the best one? KSL Jobs breaks down how to find the right person for the job.

Need to find work? Right now? From carpenters to caregivers and roofers to receptionists, KSL Jobs looks at what jobs are in demand in Utah and Idaho.

As small businesses raise prices, some customers push back

Inflation and rising costs for everything from labor to raw materials have forced many small businesses to raise prices. Northstrom saw a drop in customer demand after raising prices.

Would you quit work if you won the lottery? If you answered no, you’re in the right job. If you’re not so lucky, KSL Jobs has tips on how to change careers.

Utah businesses entangled in alleged $722M crypto fraud scheme

A bitcoin mining company may have ensnared several Utah properties, according to documents from a case against the BitClub Network, a company accused by the Department of Justice of defrauding over a thousand investors out of $722 million from 2014 to 2019

UPS to hire over 100,000 seasonal workers to deal with holiday rush

NEW YORK — United Parcel Service said on Wednesday it would hire more than 100,000 holiday workers in 2022, in line with last year, to deal with a surge in packages.

When employees aren’t getting along, no one wants to go to work. Before the office air starts turning toxic, learn how to handle conflicts in the workplace.

The future of work: Utah business leaders mixed on solving the remote vs. in-person dilemma

The worst of the COVID-19 global lockdowns and restrictions on gatherings are now mostly in the past, but the impacts of those long-running disruptions continue to roil through the environment most adults spend a majority of their time — the workplace.

Saving for retirement can begin with your first paycheck. And if your company has a plan, it’s even easier. KSL Jobs shows how to get the most out of your 401(k).