Wasatch Group

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The Wasatch Group exists to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Business does not operate in a vacuum—it operates under a license from society. We recognize that when we focus our business to deliver for our customers, protect our environment, and invest in our employees, we achieve sustained value. In fact, these actions fuel our financial returns. If our history and trajectory have taught us one thing, it's that we have to think not just in terms of quarterly returns, but long-term – how will the actions we take today affect those generations from now? From our real estate development choices to strategic decision-making — we are guided by Performance with Purpose. It's more than a vision statement. It's the soul of The Wasatch Group. Performance with Purpose fuels our growth and allows us to stay ahead of trends shaping our industry and the world in which we operate. It galvanizes our associates, positions our business to deliver today and well into the future, and protects resources for the next generation. We're proud of what we have achieved so far but recognize that there is much work to do to meet the aggressive goals we've set for ourselves. The Wasatch Group has the capacity, and the will, to lead. We will continue to work with governments, local community partners, lenders, investors and other industry leaders toward common goals and fight for those things that make the world a better place. At the heart of The Wasatch Group and our Performance with Purpose vision is the powerful idea that every footstep matters, but so too does the horizon to which you're headed. We're proud of the individual steps we're taking, and the larger journey on which we've embarked.