Want a job that pays well? Of course you do. But if you don’t have an advanced college degree, the highest paying jobs in Utah may seem out of reach. It is true that, even if you would make a great CEO (earning an average $193K), other candidates may look more qualified — at least on paper. 

That’s not to say your ship has sunk. There are plenty of well-paying jobs here. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median income in Utah is $51,496, or about $24.75 an hour. KSL Jobs looks at 10 careers to consider where you can earn significantly more.

1. Nurse practitioner, $118,000*

Education: graduate degree in nursing

An aging population is boosting the need for healthcare workers across the nation, including Utah. But you don’t need to be a doctor to earn a good wage. As a nurse practitioner, you would meet with patients, diagnose ailments and prescribe medications. A registered nurse, which only requires a bachelor’s degree, earns a close $104,00 per year.

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A nurse practitioner performs many of the same duties as a physician.

2. Construction manager, $98,900

Education: experience in construction field, some college business courses

There are several types of entry-level jobs in construction, from cleanup crew to framers. Trades people, such as plumbers and electricians, are on-site, too. The person keeping track of all those workers is the construction manager. In this position, you would also meet with architects and clients. Duties include resolving issues, creating reports, overseeing a budget and determining timelines.

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As a construction manager, you may oversee work crews and determine timelines.

3. Information systems manager, $96,000

Education: bachelor’s degree in information technology or engineering

Are you the one everyone turns to for computer help? Consider becoming an information systems manager. You’ll monitor information systems, help companies integrate new programs and oversee cyber security. The job also includes helping employees with technology questions.

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4. Electrical engineer, $95,100

Education: bachelor’s degree in electronics or related field

This career involves designing, developing and testing electrical equipment systems, usually for vehicles or aircraft. An engineer’s projects may include electrical systems in motors, navigation and communication equipment.

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Electrical engineers develop and test equipment for vehicles and aircraft.

5. Dental hygienist, $81,000

Education: associate degree, license

Everybody has teeth, which means there’s always a need for dental hygienists. If you’ve been to the dentist yourself, you know the drill. A hygienist is the one who removes the tartar and plaque from your teeth, takes X-rays and applies fluoride treatments.

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6. Human resources manager, $78,300

Education: bachelor’s degree in human resources or business management

A human resources manager makes sure a company’s employees are taken care of. The job involves diligent record keeping in order to administer the payroll and benefits. As a manager, you would also oversee the hiring of new staff, from recruiting to interviewing and training. Some HR departments also plan company events.

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Recruit, interview and train staff as a human resources manager.

6. Financial analyst, $73,800

Education: bachelor’s degree in data analysis, statistics, mathematics or accounting

If you like working with numbers and looking at market trends, this is your gig. Day-to-day duties include collecting data, analyzing industry trends and calculating investment risks. That information is then used to help companies or individuals make investment decisions. 

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7. Real estate agent, $72,600

Education: licensing course and state exam

Sitting at a desk all day is not for everyone. For people who don’t mind a bit of paperwork, but like to get out of the office regularly, consider a career as a real estate agent. The job includes helping people find and sell property, negotiating offers and marketing. This is also ideal for great conversationalists.

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Specialized trades such as electricians are in high demand.

8. Master electrician, $71,300

Education: Residential Journeyman Electrician license, plus 4,000 hours work experience

This position is responsible for designing electrical systems for residential and commercial buildings. They oversee installation of all the wiring for lighting and electrical fixtures. Most of the work is on a jobsite. An electrician journeyman, the first step toward master status, earns an average $67,500 per year.

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10. Plumber, $66,000

Education: plumbing apprenticeship program

Workers in trade jobs provide specialized services that are always in demand. Because when you have a clogged garbage disposal, a malfunctioning dishwasher or a temperamental toilet, you want help NOW. Plumbers are the ones you call to flush your troubles away. The job entails installing, repairing and maintaining plumbing systems for residential or commercial properties. 

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*Average salary in Utah as of June 2024