Whether you already work from home or will be interviewing for a remote or hybrid position, you’ll be joining calls on platforms like Zoom. The fact that you wear sweatpants during work calls can be our little secret, because the only thing the camera sees is your face and your background. 

However, you may want to err on the more professional side during an interview, both on and off camera. KSL Jobs has created free Zoom backgrounds for your next interview so you’re sure to make a good first impression.

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Zoom backgrounds for interviews

Before your remote interview, make sure you look put together. Next, recite your pre-interview mantra, “Hey Siri, turn on my microphone because I’m about to land my dream job.” Then, double check that your camera and microphone work. Finally, be sure to have good lighting and a nice backdrop. 

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Whats and whys of a background

This is what your interviewer will see on the screen behind you. Is it your couch? Your kitchen? Your backyard? Your bedroom with an open closet? One of the great perks of work from home life is you get to sit where you please. That being said, a clean backdrop keeps the focus on you and looks more business-appropriate.

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A better choice during an interview is to blur your background or download a free background made specifically for Zoom. Both options allow you to hide any clutter. Some people choose images like a field of flowers, a view of outer space or a simple office backdrop. 

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The simpler the better. Too many colors or strange images detract from the interview process. Your future employer wants to focus on everything that makes you qualified for this position, not everything that’s going on behind you.

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Professional setups

If you don’t have an office set up at home, download a Zoom background. An office or plain background shows professionalism while taking the pressure off of you to create an entirely new office space. KSL Jobs offers some tips when searching for the right background.

  • Go simple: A neutral color palette with natural surroundings keeps the focus on you
  • Setting matters: A private home office or downtown workspace background is appropriate for interviews
  • Clothing: Pick a shirt with minimal designs to help you stand out and avoid any uneven background blending
  • Lighting: Sit in front of a window or use a ring light to make your background appear more natural
  • Personality: Simple can still make for cool Zoom backgrounds — plants, wall art or bookshelves add a nice touch

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Now that you’ve got your free Zoom backgrounds, are you ready to apply? Browse KSL Jobs to find the position that’s right for you.