Looking for a new job online? KSL Jobs is the place to be, especially for jobs in Utah. But with thousands of job listings, how can you find the one that’s right for you? Instead of endlessly scrolling through page after page of work you aren't interested in, try narrowing your search with filters. Once you find a few job listings that catch your eye, applying is easy and free. 

Before you start your search

The answers to these questions will help guide your search.

  • Are you looking for part-time or full-time work?
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • What kind of job do you want to do?
  • What pay range are you looking for?

Get ready

To apply for jobs on KSL Jobs, you will need internet access, a job resume and sometimes a cover letter. It's also a good idea to make a profile on a networking site like LinkedIn, which is kind of like Facebook for professionals. People use this site to connect with colleagues and have their resume available to recruiters. So, first:

  • Freshen up your resume, but be ready to customize it for each job application.
  • Make a LinkedIn profile.
  • Clean up your social media. Remove anything that could dissuade a potential employer from hiring you.

Searching for employment on KSL Jobs

Head over to jobs.ksl.com and get started! There’s a few ways to start your online job search from this homepage. Use Find a Job to narrow down your search with filters (more on that below). Or try Featured Employers to browse companies that are hiring. To see it all select Search All Jobs on the bottom of the page.

Find a job 

Let’s outsource this job hunt to search engine filters. Remember those questions you answered to get ready for your search? You can now put them into use. 


Try putting in a word or phrase in the Keyword field like “ski instructor” or “dental assistant.” Continue filling out the rest of the fields or select Search.


Select Category and a dropdown menu will appear. Choose a category like “Real Estate” or “Automotive” to see all jobs in that category.


How close to home do you want to be? Find jobs in your area by entering the name of your city or zip code under Location. 

Pay range

Show us the money! Under Pay Range Select All to see jobs with all pay grades or choose an hourly or salary range that suits you.

More filters

If all of these filters aren’t quite bringing home the bacon, try More Options at the bottom of the Find a Job section. Clarify if you want part time or full time, the education level a job requires and how recently the job was posted. 

Featured employer

Under Featured Employer you will find hundreds of company logos. Using the blue arrows, scroll through the logos until you find one that interests you. Clicking on the logo will take you to the company’s list of available positions. Featured Employer is a great tool to find a company that you already recognize.

How to apply

This is the easy part! Once you've found a job listing that looks like a winner, select the blue Apply Now button in the top left corner of the listing or at the bottom of the page. Enter your contact info and upload your resume and cover letter. Doublecheck that your contact info is correct then select Apply Now. We recommend applying for more than one job at a time.

We hope you find the job of your dreams, or at least something that gets you by. KSL Jobs is the internet job site for local Utahns, Idahoans and everyone else looking for a job online.