Unless you’re a trust fund baby, chances are you’ll need a little (OK, a lot of) extra cash to pay for college. And as any graduate can tell you, part-time jobs for college students are practically a rite of passage. Because tuition, housing, food — you know, life — can get pretty expensive. KSL Jobs looks at possibilities that don’t require much experience that could fit well into a student's busy schedule.

Food service

There are nearly always openings for workers in the restaurant industry. Not all jobs are glamorous, but the hours are college friendly. If you’re willing to work nights and/or weekends, you can find work as a:

  • Server
  • Cook
  • Host
  • Busser
  • Dishwasher

Most positions include on-the-job training, which means anyone can apply. Many restaurants  offer a free or reduced price meal during your shift, a major perk if you’ve been living on ramen and frozen burritos. This is a service industry, which means they’ll be looking for people who are upbeat and responsible.


While you're working hard on your degree, other people are taking vacations. Yeah, doesn’t seem fair. On the plus side, some of the best part-time jobs for college students are in hospitality. People need somewhere to sleep; hotels need someone to make the beds, run the front desk, prep the free breakfast and vacuum the hallways. Often housekeeping and custodial jobs are done outside of regular class hours — weekday evenings and weekend mornings.


From grocery stores to custom boutiques, jobs in retail may work well with your college schedule. Is there a store that sells products you’re excited about? You may have a better chance of being hired if it’s something you can and want to talk about — clothes, electronics, vinyl records. Positions might include:

  • Cashier
  • Customer service
  • Bagger
  • Stocker
  • Inventory control

Retail stores may not have many openings at the beginning of the school year, but most need additional help for the holiday season. Apply to be seasonal help, and you may be able to stay on for the rest of the school year. Most of these temporary jobs open up near the end of September and early October.


If you’ve made it to college, that (probably) means you had a pretty good grasp of high school subjects. Share your knowledge by working as a tutor. Some Utah colleges have a tutoring program to help local middle and high school students, especially in advanced subjects such as calculus. Your school may also offer tutoring for its own students. If organic chemistry actually makes sense to you, for example, this could be an ideal part-time job. You’ll likely need to show excellent grades or test scores to prove proficiency in the subject.

On campus

All of Utah colleges have on-campus jobs. Often those openings go to students who qualify for federal work-study funds. Not all do, though. Snag one if you can, because they may be the best part-time jobs for college students. Departments are typically quite accommodating of student schedules. Even better, they close during college breaks, so you won’t be left working after everyone else has gone home. Some campus jobs include:

  • Office assistant
  • Custodian
  • Lab assistant
  • Campus tour guide
  • Groundskeeper
  • Food service worker


Get a part-time job that will help with your future career — a paid internship. You’ll not only be earning income, you’ll also be gaining relevant work experience. Most internships last three to six months. Most opportunities are open to students who have at least two years of college classes.


Have a lighter load this semester? Temporary work is a great way to make some extra cash when you have a little more time. Jobs in this category vary widely, from package handler to parking attendant to warehouse worker. Search KSL Jobs for part-time seasonal jobs to find something that fits with your current schedule.


Most part-time jobs won’t include benefits such as healthcare, but some may offer perks such as tuition reimbursement, remote work or a flexible work schedule. Whether you attend classes during the day or evening, find options that work for you on KSL Jobs