Utah is stunning in all seasons, and its job market is just the same. If you’re looking for part-time or seasonal jobs near you, there are plenty of great, unique opportunities to be found in Utah. Our year-round outdoor recreation creates a steady stream of seasonal jobs, while the strong state economy ensures that there are plenty of part-time jobs to be had whenever you look. KSL Jobs is here to steer you in the right direction, so you can find part-time or seasonal work that fits your yearly, weekly or daily schedule. 

Holiday seasonal jobs

The holiday season is one of the most common times to look for part-time or temporary work. Between college students on break and full-time workers looking to supplement their income, lots of people look for new opportunities near the holidays. One of the most obvious areas to look for work is in retail. With shoppers flocking to the stores, it’s all hands on deck at local stores, and extra help is almost always needed at this time. More and more people are shopping exclusively online for their presents nowadays, which means that warehouse and distribution jobs should also have increased need. Businesses with call centers and customer service positions may be looking for seasonal workers around the holidays too.

Winter seasonal jobs

Thanks to Utah’s towering mountains and a healthy dose of the Greatest Snow on Earth, seasonal work keeps going strong here long after holiday shoppers have purchased (and immediately returned) their presents. Utah’s ski resorts offer plenty of winter work for aspiring powderhounds, but not all the seasonal jobs hiring near you are on the snow. There are always openings for ski instructors, groomers and lift operators, but local resorts also offer ample opportunities in hospitality, housekeeping and food service. Outdoor retail and rental shops across the state will also stay busy well into the spring, whether they’re affiliated with a particular mountain or not. 

If you’re not a fan of the snow, you can still enjoy the fruits of the mountains from afar. From restaurants and bars to local attractions, winter brings travelers from all around the world to Utah, and many of them choose to stay in town, rather than at the resort. That means lots of bustling downtown nights, busy brunches and retail rushes, and lots of opportunities for local job seekers. 

Summer seasonal jobs

Summer is one of the best times to look for seasonal work, whether you’re searching for a seasonal job near you for college students or one to hold you over until the snow falls again. Luckily, Utah’s a stunner in the summer too, so many of those same resorts and areas that drew visitors in the winter will have summer opportunities as well. However, the bigger draws for summer visitors are the more geographically remote state and national parks, so outdoorsy job seekers may have to travel for work. If they do, they’ll find a boom in hospitality and travel jobs at the hotels and ranch resorts bordering national parks and other natural attractions. 

Looking closer to home? As any commuter knows, summer brings construction, and while that’s a headache for drivers, it’s great for job seekers. Expect to see an uptick in construction jobs as the temperature rises. If warm weather’s not your bag, spend the summer in the comfort of air conditioning with an administrative, customer service or retail position. There’s no guarantee you won’t work up a sweat cooking or waiting at a local restaurant, but there should be enough opportunities on KSL Jobs to help put your antiperspirant to the test. 

Part-time jobs

Not everyone wants to work season to season. If you’re looking for part time work that doesn’t depend on the calendar, be sure to look in the following categories on KSL Jobs, which reliably have the most part time listings:

Whatever time of year you’re looking for work, KSL Jobs is here to help, with listings from trusted local employers and search features that help you find a job that’s right for you. So whether you want to help out holiday shoppers, shuffle skiers through the lift line or work on your tan on the lifeguard chair, your next opportunity is on KSL Jobs. 

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