If you don’t live under a rock, you know the workplace has changed significantly since 2020. As an emergency tactic, offices were abandoned and employees were asked to stay home to work. It was meant to be temporary. But people liked their 30-second commute, and today working from home has become the desired norm for many. Now, it looks as if remote jobs in Utah are here to stay.

Show me the remote jobs

Today, career opportunities for remote work range from entry-level jobs to highly skilled positions. Some of the most common work from home jobs in Utah match those available nationwide. According to VirtualVocations, those include:

  • Customer service
  • Information technology
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management

In a 2022 survey by ClearPath, 62% of employers said they expect remote work to become even more common in the next five years, and 69% of employees agree. Do a quick sampling of local company websites and KSL Jobs, and you’ll find many Utah businesses are embracing the change wholeheartedly, even including “remote” as a job search category. 


Ancestry.com is an online family history research site, giving users access to more than 30 billion records such as birth and marriage certificates and military service. The company, headquartered in Lehi, employs more than 1,400 people worldwide. Remote job listings have called for digital artists, engineers, marketing managers and copywriters. 

Western Governors University

Can you name the largest university in Utah? Hint: students don’t bleed red or blue. The answer is Western Governors University. OK, technically it’s not just in Utah — the 40,000 students come from all across the U.S. The accredited school, proposed by former Utah governor Mike Leavitt, was created in 1997. As an online college, it makes sense most positions are fully remote. Past listings have included student-related jobs such as adviser, support assistant and financial aid specialist. There are also positions such as data analyst and software engineer.


Also online, Overstock sells furnishings and home goods. A majority of the 1,600-member staff works remotely in a variety of positions — technicians, product managers, analysts and information technology specialists, among others. Not that you’d mind going into the office. A 230,000 square-foot glass Colosseum in Midvale serves as headquarters for the e-commerce mainstay. Although based here, Overstock employs people across the U.S.


Utah’s homegrown MarketStar is one of the largest private employers in the state — more than 1,000 people. The company was founded in an Ogden basement in 1988 and has since become an international leader. Today, the company helps sell and support both services and products for clients such as Pinterest and Google. Openings for remote jobs in Utah have included account manager, analyst, content writer and engineer.


Get paid to work from home, plus free airfare? Sounds like a match made in the heavens. The customer support crew of JetBlue Airlines is almost entirely home-based, with the majority of slots filled by Utahns. Employees answer customer service calls 24/7, both online and via phone. That includes helping with reservations, handling ticketing issues and answering questions. If you hear of an opening jump on it, because they’re filled pretty fast.

While some positions lend themselves to remote work, there is a variety of work from home jobs in Utah and Idaho. No matter your skill or education level, find yours on KSL Jobs. Get tips on how to answer remote job interview questions on our Resource page.