Your workspace can make or break your day. Too many distractions and you can get overwhelmed before work even begins. Too much cubicle beige can lead to a case of the blahs. KSL Jobs offers some tips to decorate your workspace to be an effective, functional and professional area, while still bringing that personal touch to make you feel at home. 

1. Evaluate

Time to take a deep breath and take a good look at your workspace. How is the area set up and what can you reasonably do with the space? Is your home office in a separate room? Are you on-site in a cubicle? Or is your workspace in your living room? Whatever the setup, your first priority is to find an effective location for your work-only zone. 

2. Declutter

Once you have a designated workspace, it’s time to get rid of distractions. If you catch yourself playing a game of “I Spy” with objects on the living room floor or your desk instead of focusing on your computer, you may be in task paralysis. Your brain doesn’t know whether to clean up toys or type an email. Investing in furniture that can hide household items is a good place to start, along with storage containers for your desktop. 

3. Nature

Our world is a digital one. It keeps us indoors for work and hobbies, oftentimes for way too long. Before you get to a point where someone tells you to, “Go touch grass,” bring the outside in and decorate your workspace with some greenery. Plants can improve the air quality and calm your mind. If you’re in a cubicle or office without windows, get some low-light and low-maintenance plants like ivy or snake plants. If your space has a window, get some succulents.

4. Comfort

Work should be comfortable from top to bottom. Having several chair options is an effective way to stay comfy, especially if you tend to get fidgety while working. Are you a wiggly person? Get an exercise ball to move around on. Does your back need extra support? Get some body pillows to prop in the small of your back. Or worse, has your posture become c-shaped? Invest in a kneeling chair to encourage upright sitting. 

5. Light 

Light up your mind and create an effective workspace environment by adjusting the ambiance. Lighting can change the mood of a room, inhibiting or encouraging work. Overhead lights keep the room bright enough if you don’t have a window, but can be off-putting to some people. Accessory lighting like salt lamps or sun lamps encourages a cozy atmosphere that helps you hunker down to get stuff done when that deadline approaches. 

6. Inspiration

Even if you’ve eliminated clutter, the instinct to stare into space is real. You may as well put items in your periphery that spark inspiration and boost creativity. You can personalize your surroundings tastefully and professionally with a few images of your recent travel locations, custom artwork or motivational quotes from your favorite author. 

7. Personality 

You can be professional and show your personality when creating an effective workspace. Get a pink keyboard or a Middle Earth map desk mat. Make a personalized calendar with pictures of your furbaby for each month. If you’re a Star Wars fan, get a lightsaber lamp so you can always have the force with you at your workspace.  

Looking for a job that has a space you can personalize, whether at home or in the office? Search KSL Jobs to find the position that’s right for you. And don’t forget to visit our KSL Jobs Resources page for more tips about work life.