It’s never too early to start looking for that summer side hustle, that limited but crucial time in between school semesters. Start earning those precious bucks sooner — so they’ll add up faster — with a spring job. Even better, getting your foot in the door early could lead to a job that lasts until fall.

Home improvement

Once the snow starts to melt, saws and hammers come out. Big box home improvement stores are flooded in springtime by homeowners shopping for DIY projects. Job titles there might include cashier, garden center specialist, stocker or floor sales associate.

The construction industry often hires more workers in the spring as demand picks up. Even if you don’t have a particular trade skill, there are still plenty of opportunities; some may even offer on-the-job training.

  • Clean-up and/or demolition crew
  • Assistant to run errands, pick up and deliver materials
  • Painter
  • Window cleaner
  • Installer: cabinets, carpet, appliances
  • Deck builder
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Once the grass starts growing, you can start making some green.


In spring, trees start blooming, grass gets growing and homeowners start making it out into their yards again. That translates to job openings in landscaping companies. These types of positions are ideal if you enjoy being outdoors and want your evenings off — most start early in the day. Work may include:

  • Sprinkler system installation and/or repair
  • Lawn care
  • Tree/limb removal
  • Yard cleanup

Many municipalities begin hiring a grounds crew in the spring to care for city parks throughout the summer. You’ll likely be planting flowers, weeding, mowing and making simple sprinkler repairs.


People also begin house hunting this time of year; spring and summer are peak moving times, so there are often openings for movers. It usually pays well, making it an excellent option if you don’t mind heavy lifting. The job entails loading and unloading boxes and furnishings. You may also wrap large furniture and fragile items so they aren’t damaged in transit. Working as a mover could also include commercial work, such as setting up an office space.

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Hospitality jobs are readily available in spring.


In Utah, tourism is a year-round business, but it really kicks in come late spring. Businesses in the hospitality industry need help for their hotels, restaurants, outfitters and spas. Apply for part-time or full-time jobs such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Serving
  • Cooking
  • Hosting
  • Counter attendants
  • Tour guides
  • Ride operators


If you have a bit of college knowledge, you can take advantage of a paid internship. It’s a chance to gain practical experience and test the waters — maybe you don’t want to be a statistician after all. Or it could help you find a specialty. Working as an intern is also a good way to make professional connections and build your resume while earning a paycheck.


Maybe you don’t fit the mold for traditional jobs, or just want something different. Search the Other category on KSL Jobs to find a springtime opportunity you hadn’t considered. Past listings have included:

  • Household assistant
  • Plant care specialist
  • Ranch hand
  • Pet groomer
  • Animal handler

Start early

Working for the summer is a solid way to earn cash for the year ahead, but you know everyone else already has the same idea. Get a jump start on the competition — and your earnings — by applying for a job in the spring. Search KSL Jobs for listings based on your education and experience level. You can also find tips for getting hired on our Resource page.